Port Davey Wild Wellness Expedition

Wild Wellness heads to a remote harbour in Southwest Tasmania on a luxury expedition cruise

Duration: 2-night
Starts & ends: Hobart
Destination: Southwest Tasmania
Access: Return scenic wilderness flights
Cruise: Port Davey & Bathurst Harbour
Guests: Maximum 12
Vessel: Boutique expedition-cruise catamaran (24m)
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Swim in dark tannin waters and through clear ocean waves, where On Board meets Wild Wellness in Tasmania's Wilderness World Heritage Area

For one moment in time, experience three unforgettable days aboard your floating lodge, Odalisque III.  This rare experience takes Wild Wellness to a place more wild… more untamed… than ever before.

Breathe in. Prepare for life-shifting wellness. Port Davey is a place where quartzite mountains stand strong. Where we breathe in some of the world’s freshest air. Where we walk together, into mirror-calm waters. Where we wrap ourselves in nature.

Across three days, we go deep. Deep into wilderness. Deep into ourselves with journaling and contemplative thought. Deep into breathing with Stay Koel’s Piet Blokker, trained by Dutchman Wim Hof himself. Those keen, can sink into cool tannin waters with us, guided by Piet every step. This Wild Wellness cruise expedition is the antidote to modern life stress; for anyone feeling the overwhelm and needing a lasting life recalibration.

Explore the wilds of remote southwest Tasmania on this luxury escape

In between breath work and journaling, on guided walks & shore excursions discover a spectacular harbour in the Southwest National Park & Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Ashore and afloat, this exclusive and immersive experience explores the wild rivers and magnificent coastlines of Port Davey, Bathurst Harbour and Melaleuca. Picnic on untracked beaches, hike to craggy mountain tops, and encounter native flora and fauna on guided hikes, shore and tender excursions.

From rugged peaks to the soft lounges and boutique accommodation aboard our luxury expedition vessel, soak-up serene vistas and starlit landscapes of Tasmania’s south west.


  • Daily guided walks, shore excursions & wilderness cruises by tender
  • Daily Wim Hof Method breathwork and cold-water submersion
  • Evening author-led journaling sessions
  • Tailored itinerary including hiking, historic sites, birdwatching, photography, beachcombing...
  • Luxury accommodation on expedition-vessel Odalisque
  • Return scenic wilderness flights via seaplane from Hobart to Port Davey
  • Passionate & experienced local crew, including interpretive guide, skipper and chef
  • All meals starring gourmet Tasmanian produce
  • Non-alcoholic drink options
  • National Park entrance fees
  • Use of weatherproof rain poncho & expedition bag


Fares start from $6,960 per person, twin share.

With room for just 12 guests, your place can be secured by a deposit.


1 - 3 May 2025

Also available by request



Expedition Highlights

Journaling/Contemplative Walking

We combine journal writing with contemplative time. In a noisy world it’s rare to hear nature’s silence. But in this Tasmanian stillness, it’s possible to reconnect with you. Nature has a way of casting its healing spell. In Japan, it’s known as forest bathing (shinrin-yoku), and literally translates to bathing in the forest atmosphere. It doesn’t require anything of you but to tap into the senses and soak it in…

Cold Water Plunging

Guided by Wim Hof-trained Piet, discover the power of cold-water therapy. We’ll go deep, exploring the benefits across four days of wilderness immersion. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never dipped a toe into the Wim Hof Method or you’re an enthusiast from way back. You’ll learn strategies and tools that will last long beyond your three days, under expert guidance.


Take a deep breath. Isn’t it about time? Learn scientific breathing techniques that work wonders and can be tapped into for a lifetime to come. This breathwork is about boosting energy, dropping stress, recalibrating the nervous system, detoxing your system and so much more.

Wellness in Southwest Tasmania

What is Wild Wellness?

This blueprint for wellness is an Australian first; taking years of science-backed knowledge and condensing it into days. It’s a simple, wholesome wellness script. There is no better place on the planet to experience Wild Wellness than Tasmania.

Australia's Productivity Commission Report estimates mental illness is costing Australia $220 billion a year. Our burdened health system cannot cope. We believe there's another way ... a wilder way. No matter what your wellness goals might be, this method is about returning to you; listening in.

The method is based on three core pillars: connection, care and commitment. Think invigorating cold dips, silent walking beneath towering rainforest, nourishing Tassie fare and journal writing. You'll discover a blueprint to lasting wellness featuring insights from Director of East Sydney Doctors, Dr. Chris Davis. We take the best of the traditional model and bring it into nature’s office.

What is the Wim Hof method?

It's a combination of breathing, cold therapy and commitment, offering a range of benefits. The power of the Wim Hof Method can help unlock a range of well-researched and documented health benefits including:

  • Rebalancing your immune system
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving focus, mood and cognitive function
  • Improving cardiovascular health
  • Balancing the body's stress response

What are the journalling workshops?

Day 1: Today, we meet our Wild Wellness journals. On Board, we begin our writing. Alice introduces you to Wild Wellness and its three pillars; connection, care and commitment. Of the ‘three C’s’ this evening the sun sets as we contemplate connection.

Day 2: It’s journal time. Today, we explore care, namely self/soul care and care for others. Do you care for yourself as you would a dear friend? We ask questions and we let answers flow.

Day 3: Our final day is about commitment. Wellness doesn’t just happen in three days. It’s not about escaping life - your On Board retreat is lifelong with Wild Wellness. We make our commitments in writing and ensure we have plenty of fun, nature and joy weaved in.

Journaling Facilitator Alice Hansen

Alice is a professional travel writer and author. As the founder of the Wild Wellness Method, she has cultivated relationships spanning 20+ years with experts across the wellness field. On her quest to seek answers for her own struggles, she has connected with medical experts, international thought leaders and tapped into decades of experience to formulate a proven blueprint. Writing is a key element and she’ll guide you through a journaling process tailored to your wellness journey.

Wim Hof-Trained Piet Blokker

Piet, a breathworker and cold therapy pro, has been trained by none other than Wim Hof himself! Dutch born, Piet now calls North West Tasmania home and lives by a flowing river perfect for cold water plunging. At the age of 50, Piet was challenged with Lymphoma and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Realising he needed to take care of his health, he began learning about reflexology, energy healing and came across Wim Hof. It proved a life saving - his awakening process began and today Piet is enjoying life free from arthritis and cancer.

Floating Luxury Lodge in the Wilderness

Hitting the water in January 2023, Odalisque III is brand new, providing boutique accommodation and an exclusive wilderness experience for just 12 guests. The 24m catamaran features six well-appointed cabins and spacious indoor and outdoor lounge areas with expansive ocean views.

Food & Wine

Meals are an indulgent culinary experience made from fresh seasonal Tasmanian produce

Our specialist chefs have been borrowed from some of Hobart’s top restaurants. Expect perfect picnics, freshly-baked cookies pulled from the oven just as hungry hikers return, and flavoursome feasts in what is quite possibly the most remote restaurant in Tasmania.

Choose from a splendid selection of cool climate wines, crisp craft beers and slow-sipping spirits. Drink in hand, sink into a soft lounge and take in the everchanging view. 

Port Davey & the South West

The sequestered Port Davey region of southwest Tasmania is one of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet, with wild rivers, quartzite peaks and extensive waterways

Whilst it’s on the edge of the earth, it is far from the end of the world. There’s an endless possibility of adventures to have, creatures to meet and tales to tell.

Scenic wilderness seaplane flight

A special 40-minute flight from Hobart to the wilderness bookends this special experience. Guests fly on On Board's new dedicated seaplane, a Cessna Caravan, landing on Bathurst Harbour right next to expedition vessel Odalisque III.

On Board's Pieter and Alice van der Woude

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Groups of Family & Friends

Unlock exclusive experiences with group bookings - and let us help with the organising.

Port Davey Cruise - Couple Walking Beach


Reconnect with each other through shared adventure and indulgence. Choose to join the group activities or enjoy a little time to yourselves.

Southwest National Park

Solo Travellers

Guests travelling solo are very welcome. There are a few different ways to travel with us.

Port Davey Expedition Map

Map your journey of discovery into Tasmania’s secluded south west. Itineraries are fluid, shaped by wind and weather, time and tide – and to the interests of our guests. From sea cave to mountaintop, ocean beach to river gorge, rainforest to button grass plain, here are the highlights of the harbour.

What a special place

The scenery is stunning. The experience is unique. The stories are mind blowing. The people are unforgettable.


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A haven for boaties, birdwatchers and bushwalkers on a boutique cruise

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Join the ranks of the privileged few

For those who like their adventures wild but their beds soft and showers hot, it’s the perfect way to join the ranks of the privileged few to see one of the world’s most magnificent wilderness areas.

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South Coast Cruise

Jump on board the bi-annual voyage between Hobart and Port Davey. This special multi-day expedition tracks the inaccessible and notoriously wild south coast of Tasmania, cruising past rugged headlands, remote coastal towns and secluded bays.

Port Davey Escape Photography Expedition

Led by experienced wilderness photographer and guide Peter Marmion, capture the wild seas, reflective waterways, craggy cliffs and scenic sunsets of the south west in magic Autumn light. This annual floating workshop provides panoramic access to every angle of Port Davey’s captivating landscapes.