Luke Tscharke

East Coast and Tasman Peninsula

The east coast delivers spectacular scenery, wilderness hikes and the bliss of sharing the water with no one but the occasional fisherman.

This picture-perfect coastline is renowned for endless blue horizons, azure waters, isolated islands (that also double as national parks) and pearly-white, pristine beaches. From toe to top, the landscape shifts dramatically, from the towering dolerite columns of the Tasman Peninsula to the giant granite chunks of Freycinet National Park. 

Peninsula and island-hopping from Hobart to Freycinet, explore horseshoe-shaped bays with squeaky silica sand and calm-water harbours surrounded by 100m high eucalypt forests that grow right to the water. Pause for sunset in a secluded cove, on a beach untracked but for the wallabies. Here, you’ll hear no sound but the call of birds and the wash of waves. It’s heaven on earth, we think. 

Whilst the beaches and horizons might seem endless, it is far from the end of the world.

There are infinite adventures to have, tales to tell and quiet moments to appreciate. Remember, itineraries are tailored and fluid. So specific interests – perhaps photography or bushwalking – can be catered for by our experienced, hand-picked guides.

Here are some highlights and activities of the destination.