Port Davey & Southwest Tasmania

Visit a remote and spectacular harbour experienced by just a privileged few each year.

No roads lead here; it’s accessible only by an 85km hike, a long exposed boat voyage, or a one-hour small-plane flight. This precious, fragile southwest corner is protected by a marine reserve, national park and the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Exposed to the strong westerly winds of the Roaring Forties, it’s a place of raw, untamed beauty.

Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour form a reserve three times as big as Sydney Harbour - and every bit as picturesque.

Gold-green ranges, with bony quartzite ridges, rise sharply from the Southern Ocean and the broad interior waterways of Port Davey. Wild rivers and creeks cut through gorges and snake across open plains, draining rust-coloured waters into the marine reserve. Tiny islands dot the surface of the dark waters. White quartzite sands fringe the shoreline. On calm days, the harbour reflects this almost prehistoric-looking landscape to endless perfection.

Whilst it’s on the edge of the earth, it is far from the end of the world.

There’s an endless possibility of adventures to have, creatures to meet and tales to be told. Remember, itineraries are tailored and fluid. So specific interests – perhaps botany or bird-watching – can be catered for by our experienced, hand-picked guides.

Here are some highlights and activities of the destination.