Cessna Caravan Seaplane on Hobart's waterfront (3)

Seaplane takes luxury expedition cruise to new heights

New Cessna Caravan seaplane to provide scenic city-to-wilderness transfers for On Board guests

On Board is celebrating the arrival of a new seaplane for Tasmania’s latest luxury wilderness cruise experience.

On Board's new seaplane, operated in partnership with Above & Beyond, will provide door-to-door access from Hobart to expedition vessel Odalisque III at Port Davey.

The Cessna Caravan seaplane is the first of its kind in Hobart. On Board’s guests on Port Davey expeditions will now be able to depart Hobart’s waterfront and Cambridge aerodrome and touch down in style beside new expedition vessel Odalisque III in the remote southwest wilderness.

Seaplane taking off in Bathurst Harbour 2-min-min

"We are thrilled to announce that our new seaplane is now in Hobart and ready for action. This seaplane will be the jewel in the crown on signature southwest expeditions, providing direct access from Hobart's waterfront to the vessel in Bathurst Harbour, complimenting the new expedition vessel with a seamless On Board air transfer, " said On Board’s Managing Director and Skipper Pieter van der Woude.

"The scenic wilderness seaplane flight is a key point of difference for the tourism experience. It is a spectacular way to arrive in a remote wilderness area. As the flight leaves Hobart, civilisation quickly falls behind. Our guests realise how expansive the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area is and how special Port Davey really is.”

Cessna Caravan Seaplane on Hobart's waterfront (4)
Cessna Caravan Seaplane on Hobart's waterfront (6)

Above and Beyond Director Henry Ellis said guests can choose different flight options (weather permitting).

“For instance, they may head out overland via the mighty Federation Peak en-route to the luxurious vessel and return via Southwest Cape on a coastal route back to Hobart,” Mr Ellis said.

“The Cessna Caravan has capacity for up to 10 guests and can also be booked for scenic flights and private charters all over the State. The new plane will enable Above & Beyond to carry larger groups and reach more destinations. It can carry twice the number of passengers and travel 50 per cent faster than the existing seaplane, the de Havilland Beaver.”

This aircraft is also amphibious to allow for airport transfers and landings on runways as well as water.

Scenic Wilderness Flight from Hobart to Port Davey-min-min
Cessna Caravan Seaplane on Hobart's waterfront (8)

Mr Ellis said operating in the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area, On Board and Above & Beyond are conscious about maintaining a light footprint.

“The seaplane will land close to the vessel, with a limited number of landings each year.”

Mr van der Woude said Odalisque is his third boat, the first designed as an all-purpose abalone diving platform.

“We believe the experience on board Odalisque III will redefine luxury in Tasmania, the 24-metre catamaran catering for just 12 guests. The experience will merge indulgence with adventure, rewarding you for effort, fine fare, and exclusive access to remote locations few will ever reach."

Shore landing on seaplane-min-min
Views over a southern ocean beach en route to Bathurst Harbour-min-min

The scenic seaplane transfer to the southwest is included on any Port Davey Escape, South Coast Cruise, Port Davey Escape Photography Expedition or Port Davey Escape Wild Walks experience. To book a private scenic charter for up to 10 pax, get in touch with Above & Beyond.