Australian Financial Review - On Board - Feature Feb 2024

In the Media: Australian Financial Review

In December 2023, On Board hosted journalist Jo Bainbridge on a special Coast-to-Coast Luxury expedition, the first departure on a select series of expeditions combining three nights of expedition cruising through the remote southwest corner of Tasmania’s Wilderness World-Heritage Area and a luxury three-night stay at Saffire Freycinet on the stunning east coast.

Jo Bainbridge's resultant article, Wilderness Two Ways, appeared in the Australian Financial Review on 9 February 2024.

Here's a brief excerpt from the full story:

"It's a bit like Jurassic Park - some days you think a dinosaur might pop up somewhere." [Skipper Matthew] Shepperd says. Pieter [van der Woude, the founder and managing director of On Board] and the company have gone to a lot of trouble because logistically it requires great effort to come to an area like this."

He isn't wrong. Although Port Davey is just 100 kilometres from Hobart, the region is so remote you would have to come via foot (a seven-day hike), sail for numerous days on turbulent seas, or take a scenic flight to get here. Luckily, this trip offered the latter, a seaplane hop from Hobart. Jess Cooper, On Board's Experience Co-Ordinator, calls it the 'James Bond arrival'.